Troubleshooting K0D8 Installation





If you are struggling to read out (on the programming track) or run any of the K0D8 decoders the following information should help you isolate the problem. For these troubleshooting steps you will need a multimeter. If you don't own one, you can purchase them from our online store at: multimeter

 With the decoder installed and the shell of the locomotive off, place the chassis on the track.

Set your multimeter to AC Voltage (ACV or VAC) and use the probes to read the value on the two small pads shown below.

 You should read out a value between 12-15 volts (as pictured below). If you do not get a value in that range then you are not getting a healthy connection to the track and you should make sure the decoder is seated firmly and trucks are clean and properly connected.

Now set the volt meter to read back ohms. Touch the probes to the two motor pads on the decoder (try not to touch them directly to the motor tabs coming up from the motor). See the image below for guidance.

You should now be reading out a value between 20 and 120 ohm's. If you are reading out much higher resistence than your motor is not well connected. If you are reading out much lower resistance it means there is a short in the motor or motor circuit. See the image below for the mutlimeter setting and the value we found:

If you found the motor pads were not making good connection make sure that you soldered the tabs coming off the motor to the pads on the decoder. This is the only way to be sure you have a strong connection for the motor.


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