CV17 & CV18 Four Digit Addressing





4 Digit Addressing Your command station will automatically program the necessary values into CV17 an CV18 when you enter the desired address. Some older first generation command stations did not do this for you so there was a need to program CV17 and CV18 individually. A misconception was that if you wanted to for example program the address 2102, you would program 21 into CV17 and 02 into CV18. This is not correct. You will need to first follow a simple equation to determine the correct values for the CVs.
Example #1 Lets use the number 2102 for example. Divide 2102 by 256, the result is 8.2109.. Take the whole number, in this case 8, and program it into CV17 Next, multiply the number you put in CV17 by 256, in this case 8(256)=2048. Now take the original number and subtract the result of the last step. 2102-2048=54. The result, in this case 54, is programmed into CV18. Example #2 Say you want the four digit address to be 5467. 5467 divided by 256=21.355.. CV17 = 21. Multiple 21 times 256=5376. Subtract 5376 from 5467. The result is programmed into CV18 5467-5367=91. CV18=91. A simple way to think of it is CV17 contains the number of times that 256 will divide into the address you want. CV18 is the remainder of the result. CV29 must also have a value of 32 added into it to activate the four digit address. For example if CV29 =6 to start with, add 32 the result is 38. Program a value of 38 into CV29.

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