Question: “I would like to know if the T1 decoder can have a Lenz Power 1 UPS attached to this decoder or any other decoder in your range. I know that the T1 has an extra 6 pin socket on the back, could a Power 1 from Lenz be wired onto a 6 pin plug and if so what wires would go where? If the Power 1 does not work with a TCS decoder, can you tell me if you intend to make something similar in the future ?" - your customer.
Answer: Unfortunately, I do not know if the Lenz UPS would work with the T1 decoder. It may be that the Lenz is a three wire UPS in which case it will not work with the two wire T1 decoder because it doesn't have the control wire. If you do attempt to connect the UPS to the T1 then the positive connection would lead to one of the two +12v blue wires and the grounding would connect to the black wire with a white stripe on it. As for your second question, yes we have worked on putting together a UPS, but we do not have a release date yet.