PROBLEM "I have a pair of Atlas Shay locos with your Z2 decoder installed. They run in opposite direction to each other on my lumber spur that has a passing siding where I use a DCCSpecialties Alternate Spur module to automate the passing operation. For this module to work I’ve installed magnetic reed switches between the rails that trigger the module which, in turn, triggers a Brake-On-DC module that converts the appropriate isolated siding to analog DC. With the decoder set to disable DC operation (CV 29 -4) loco 1 on spur A stops as expected. However, it does not recognize my momentum settings so it stops directly over the magnetic switch which leaves it closed. Since it is left in the closed position when loco 2 enters spur B and triggers its magnetic switch nothing happens. I need to know if there is a way to enable a stop-on-dc operation that includes momentum control? I need the loco to move off the magnetic switch thus leaving it in its default open position." SOLUTION Yes, all of our decoder support the momentum control feature that allows the engine to slow down or accelerate anytime the signal is changed from digital (DCC) to analog (DC). To have that feature available you have to disable the analog operation by setting the CV29 to the value of 2 (or -4 if you have other settings preset in the CV29) and CV 4 needs to be set to the value of your preference. We set it to the value of 30 – higher the number, longer it will take for the engine to stop when switched from DCC to DC.