"Working with an MC4 decoder on a Bachman Spectrum F40PH; I want to use the violet and green wires to simulate the flashing lights of the factory board. I have set CV51 and CV52 values to 3 but get no response from the lights. All lights in use (front, rear, and these two) are LED's with 380 ohm resistors. All lights are hooked to common blue for + power with white, yellow, lavender and green for appropriate ground (-), and work separately from the decoder. Front and rear (white and yellow) work as expected. Can you offer thoughts or suggestions, please? " Answer:
Your connection is done the right way hovewer to get the effect you are after you need to place the value of 38 in CV51 and CV52 (which will give you a rotary beacon in both direction.) By pressing button F1 and F2 you will activate those functions.