We have recently decided not to include the ground wire on both the T4X and the T6X lines of our decoders. This procedure will show you how to attach the ground wire to the decoder, so that the decoder can be used in conjunction with our VR1.5 (Voltage regulator) when needed.

The Picture above shows our TCS T4X without the ground wire.


Using an X-acto knife with a fresh, sharp blade, cut the shrink tubing along the side of the decoder exactly as shown in the picture above. Be careful not to cut yourself!!!!


Spread both sides of the shrink tubing (as shown in the picture above) and remove the circuit board. Try not to damage the green shrink tubing as it will be needed later.


This picture shows the circuit board after the shrink tubing removal.

This picture shows the decoder's ground pad. (marked in red)


Solder the tinted copper wire to the decoder's ground pad as shown in the picture above.


Place the green shrink tubing back on the circuit board, and use some Kapton tape to affix the shrink tubing together.