"I have installed a T1 decoder into the new Mantua / Model Power 0-6-0 tank locomotive. It is a plug-n-play application, and the T1 fits very well. I had tried to set the loco address to #10, but did not have any success; I also could not set it to an address of #110. Might I be doing something wrong? I ended up setting a 4-digit address (#1010), but am puzzled as to why it wouldn't accept the 2-digit or lower 100's 3-digit address. Any help or insights are greatly appreciated. "


To program to an address lower than 128 (2-digit), using the MRC Prodigy Advance Squared system, one needs to be programming on the programming track-addressing smaller than 127 cannot be accomplished on the main; Larger than 128 can be. Once the address is set, then the actual CV's can then be programmed on the main.