These surface mounts require great care when soldering wires to them. One should never have the iron on them for more than .5 to 1 second at a time.


To find the Anode and Cathode: Simply find the the white dot on the top side of the metal pads (you may need a magnifying glass) which denotes the cathode (or negative) side of the LED. This is the side where you would connect the resistor, and the side where the function lead (white, yellow, green, purple, brown, and pink) should be soldered with a resistor in series.


We have those available in Five Colors: Golden White(1), Sunny White(2), Red(3), Yellow(4), and Green(5).

NOTE: These LED's are far brighter in real life but we need to make the image darker to avoid overexposure.

Here is a color comparison with the Golden White LED on the left, and the Sunny White on the right

 Golden White                                 Sunny White     




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