.03" by .06" surface mount Golden White (3.4v), Sunny White (3.4v), Yellow (2.1v), Red (1.9v), or Green(3.3v).

Note: these are quite challenging to work with and should not be attempted by someone who is not quite skilled at soldering.

These kits include ten Golden White, Sunny White, Yellow, Red, or Green Surface Mount LEDs on a small circuit board with magnet wires attached
NOTE: The Green magnet wire is the Cathode (-) and the Red magnet wire is the Anode (+).

Golden White(1), Sunny White(2), Red(3), Yellow(4), Green(5)

NOTE: These LED's are far brighter in real life but we need to make the image darker to avoid overexposure.

These kits include two Golden White or Sunny White, Through hole LEDs, three 7" lengths of wire (blue, white, and yellow), and two 680 ohm resistors.

3mm, through-hole, Golden White and Sunny White Ultra Bright LEDs which operate with approximately a 3.1v voltage drop.


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