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Each of these harnesses can be purchased with a decoder on the Train Control Systems order page.

Harness Style Distance Between Connectors Purchase Without Decoder _______Special_Notes_and_Applications      
1" Regular 1" 1"  
C628 Flipped 1 7/8" C628  
K1 7" hardwire harness with 8 Pin NMRA plug K1  
E6 Flipped 3 3/4" E6  
E7 Flipped 6" E7 On the E7 the yellow and green wire are connected, thereby allowing for two lights controlled by a single function
LH Regular 5"-6" LH  
MH Regular 3 5/8" MH  
SH Regular 1 1/4" SH  
PA Flipped 3" PA  
P2K Flipped 3/8" P2K  
UK UK 2 1/8" UK  
UK-MH UK 3 5/8" UK-MH  
UK-SH UK 1 1/4" UK-SH  
VO Regular 1/4" VO