Train Control Systems

Coming Soon!

Train Control Systems is excited to announce the new Z2 board we are currently preparing for sale. This hardwire, Z-Scale decoder has all of the robust features found on our HO and N Scale decoders but shrinks them to an impressive .25"x.5" (6.35mm x 12.7mm). Designed with the AZL form factor in mind, this decoder will quickly become a staple of your layout with it's true 1 Amp rating. It is based on the same trusted technology we employ in our other decoders. The Z2 will fit below the extra long LED and allow the wires to connect directly to AZL's convienent pads. The Z2 decoder will also fit other Z and N scale locomotives.

Keep an eye on our webpage between now and the end of December for a final release date. 

American Z Line PRR GP7

Decoder will be installed directly under the long LED leads.

Remove the copper clips

Solder the wires directly to the pads.