Two Function, 6-Pin NEMA type, 1 Amp Continuous (2 Amp Peak) European Outline decoder for N-Scale Locomotives. It will fit into the Fox Valley Models GE ES44AC locomotive!

This decoder features TCS Auto-Adjusting BEMF! The smooth speed adjustment and low end motor control will make your locomotive shine.

Dimensions: .567”x.359” or (14.4mm x 9.12mm)

SKU: 1298




This full featured BEMF decoder is designed specifically to meet the needs of N-Scale European modelers who are converting their N-Scale locomotives to DCC. We have included our next generation BEMF for outstanding slow speed performance, quiet drive for super quiet engine performance, and auto adjusting motor control for hassle free set-up.

The decoder comes with 18mm. harness that allows this decoder to be used in tight Fleischmann N-Scale applications.

SKU: 1373





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