This installation is for a N Scale Walthers Proto N GP20 using a TCS L1D4 Decoder and was performed by TCS.

N-Scale Walthers Proto N GP20 prior to L1D4 decoder installation

N-Scale Walthers Proto N GP20 prior to L1D4 decoder installation

In order to install the L1D4 decoder, we must first remove the shell. In order to have something to hold onto while removing the shell, first remove the fuel tank.

Do this by sliding the tank down and away from the locomotive.

With the tank removed, we can now hold the chassis of the locomotive as we remove the shell. Do this by pulling up on the shell and slowly working it up and off of the chassis.

Note the retaining nubs marked with the green circles in the above picture.

With the shell removed, we can now uninstall the factory lightboard. Marked with green rectangles in the above picture are the 4 retaining points for the light board, two of which are pick-up contacts.

To remove the factory light board, slide the board to the rear (right in picture) and lift up and out.

In our case, the fitting was rather tight and some light pulling with needle nose pliers helped.

Now with the factory light board removed, we can now install the L1D4 decoder. This is the reverse process of the previous step.

However, do not use any tools such as pliers to install the decoder as it could result in damage to traces and components on the board.

Make sure that both motor contacts are underneath the motor contacts on the L1D4.

You have now installed a TCS L1D4 decoder into your N-Scale Walthers Proto N GP20.

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