This installation is for the N Scale Walther 0-8-0 and uses a TCS Z2P-VO digital decoder and was performed by A.G.

First remove the shell by squeezing it on either side of the tender and gently rocking it back and forth until it slips off the frame.


Now remove the shell from the tender and remove the plug (marked in red) by gently pulling it off.


Here is a picture of tender's board with the plug removed.

Plug in our Z2P-VO decoder. If the NMRA plug is sticking out of the socket more than 1/16" unplug it from the locomotive and carefully clip each of the pins so it can sit lower in the socket.

Unscrew the screw and remove the "front weight".


Here is how the installed decoder should look


Gently place tender's shell on its chassis

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