Rivarossi N Gauge BigBoy TCS M1 Decoder Installation. This installation was performed by Ian Craddy.


Remove screw in chimney, and remove body.

DSC_0301.JPG DSC_0302.JPG


Remove front light connection. Remove motor connection.

DSC_0306.JPG DSC_0307.JPG

Remove lead motor retainer. Remove metal from rear top of chassis to make space for M1 decoder.

DSC_0308.JPG DSC_0309.JPG

Remove 10mm from rear of lead weight/motor retainer.

DSC_0311.JPG DSC_0313.JPG

Cut bottom motor contact, solder grey wire to it and place some Kaptron tape to prevent shorts.


DSC_0316.JPG DSC_0315.JPG

Thread decoder through lead weight and attach decoder to rear of chassis.

DSC_0317.JPG DSC_0318.JPG

Attach Orange wire to motor contact. Join red wire to Black wire in front of motor (put heat shrink on wire to insulate it). Join Black wire to tag on front of chassis. Join White wire, with some heat shrink, to the Head Light wire.


Put tape over wires to prevent them catching and getting broken.


Test chassis and then replace body.


The newer version is converted much the same way. The motor has been changed but is wired the same, and the lead weight has been changed to two plastic pieces that do not need to be modified.




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