Model power N scale Pacific or Mikado
MC2 decoder Installation

Photos and text by Jeffry Maurer of Sacramento, California

Difficulty: 3 out of 10

1.  Gently remove the tender shell by lifting up from the rear   2. Remove the shrink wrap from the red and orange wires and the black and grey wires  3. Unsolder the orange and grey wire    4.   Solder the red wire from the harness to the red wires in the tender and cover with shrink wrap   5.   Continue soldering the orange, black and grey wires on the harness to the same color wires in the tender and cover with heat shrink.   6.  Plug in the decoder and reattach the tender shell        7.   Test engine


That is all that is needed to install the decoder to control the speed of the locomotive. To be able to control the headlight, you need to do the following:

Model Power Headlight Control

Difficulty:6 out of 10

8. Turn the engine over and remove the two screws shown in the photo. Caution: Do not loose the spring under the pilot truck.         9.  Use a small flat blade screwdriver to release the clips holding the engine cab located under the engine on the firebox. 10.     Remove the engine cab by gently pulling it towards the rear of the engine.

11.     Remove the boiler by pulling it up from the running gear. Note how the red and black wires go in the groves under the firebox

12.     Cut off the brass tabs that provide power to the light from the drivers.  13.  Feed the yellow and blue wire through the front of the tender next to the drawbar.  14.  To help hide the yellow and blue wires, I used a black permanent felt pen to color the two wires black15.  Solder the yellow wire to one side of the light and the blue to the other and insulate the solder joints (I used a liquid plastic normally used for dipping tool handles)  16.  Partially reinstall the boiler on the running gear. Note: do not reinstall any screws. 17.  Route the yellow and blue wires up under the running boards. One wire will go above the power reverse on one side and the second can go above the air compressor on the other side  18.  Using a flat blade screwdriver, guide the red and black wires back into the grooves under the firebox.  19.  Route the yellow and blue wires into the same grooves making sure neither wire is rubbing on the rear driver.  20.   Reattach the tender drawbar to the pin on the running gear and complete reinstalling the boiler making sure that no wires are being pinched.  21.  Reinstall the pilot truck with the spring and the screw as well as the rear boiler retaining screw22.   Plug in the decoder and reattach the tender shell23.   Test engine.    Arrow points to wire leading to headlight.

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