This installation is for a N Scale Micro Trains Line SW1500 using a TCS MT1500 Decoder and was performed by TCS.

Micro Trains Line SW1500 prior to TCS MT1500 decoder install.

Micro Trains Line SW1500 prior to TCS MT1500 decoder install.

First, carefully remove the fuel tank from the locomotive. The tank easily pulls off of the chassis weight, but be mindful of the air tank pipes hitting the trucks as they are delicate.

With the tank removed, carefully remove the shell of the locomotive by holding the chassis weight and pulling the shell up and away from the locomotive. Becareful of the handrails on the locomotive.

With the shell removed, we can now see the factory light board and motor leads. Next, unplug the two motor leads from the factory light board.

With the motor leads unplugged, remove the factory light board by sliding it out towards the front(left in above picture) of the locomotive.

With the factory light board removed, we are now ready to install the TCS MT1500 decoder.

Next, install the MT1500 decoder by sliding the decoder into the slots of the locomotives chassis weight.

Next, plug the two motor leads into the decoder motor lead sockets. Finally, re-attach the locomotives shell and fuel tank.


Please note: The Micro Trains Line SW1500 does not come with headlight lens' or light tubes which significantly effects the performance of the LED on the decoder.

There are many products on the market for adding lens' and/or light tubes that will dramtically improve the appearance and overall performance of the LED on the decoder.

Please contact your local hobby shop for advice and products on how to improve the appearance and overall effect of the headlight.

You have now installed a TCS MT1500 decoder into your N-Scale Micro Trains Line SW1500.

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