This installation is for N Scale LifeLike SD7 uses TCS M1 Decoder and was performed by A.G.

This is the LifeLike SD-7 Locomotive. One thing about this locomotive is that it comes with two loose weights that will need modification to make room for the M1 decoder. In the top right picture, note that to isolate the bottom tab of the motor part of the bus bar has to be clipped off. To do this, find the tab that is making contact to the bus bars ans gently pry up on that tab until you can clip it off leaving only the motor tab beneath the flywheel that will need to be tinned. Be careful not to melt the plastic frame with too much heat.


Both weights can be lifted off and original forward bulb should be un-soldered and clipped like shown. Take note of where the bulb is sitting in the original frame before modifying so it can be replaced correctly. The M1 will be in place of the purple markings on the back weight. The purple coloring is to show what needs to be cut away from the weight. The bottom left picture is the finished product.


The M1 must be secured in place before any soldering is done. Then pull the wires to the correct areas on the locomotive. Be sure to cut all wires to length and strip/tin them before soldering. Otherwise there won't be enough length to work with. The Red and Black wires Go down the sides to each bus bar; leave slack in the wire to allow room for the flywheel to spin. Also run the GRAY motor wire (opposite of the picture) down to the tinned motor tab on the bottom again leaving room for the flywheel. The orange wire can be pulled tight to the top motor tab and the remaining light functions can be taped across the top. Keep all wires taught across the top to leave room for the flywheel. Solder the front bulb to the white and Blue wires over the flywheel to give that gap the most strength. A small section of heat-shrink tubing is recommended for this.

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