LifeLike GP18

Life Like GP18 N-Scale CN-GP Decoder installation.

The installation went great and the locomotive runs beautifully.

Photos and text by Jeff Hartz.  The CN and CN-GP installation instructions found on the TCS website, were used and there were no problems with the decoders' fit. After the installation everything tested okay without the shell, but the wires above the frame kept the shell from sitting down properly.  This could be because the LL shell sits a little more tightly on its frame than does the atlas GP-7/9 shell, or it could be because the installer left the wires a little long. This problem was solved by taking the frame back apart and milling a small channel for the wires to fit into as they cross the top of the frame.  This was done with a Dremel tool (the top inside corner of each frame was turned down a bit).

 TCS note: Before using Dremel tool to enlarge gap in the frame, dress the leads as shown in the CN installation pictures. The wire should not cross over one another and there length should be just long enough to reach the solder pads.  This should avoid having to use Dremel tool. If these procedures are followed but you still can not fit the shell all the way on, then try the Dremel method as outlined above.

The two pictures below show the installation from two different angles.


The picture below shows the wires pushed aside so that the milled channel is visible.