This installation is for N Scale Life-Like E8-A uses TCS Z2 Decoder and was performed by J.M.

NOTE: This is an exceptionally difficult installation and should not be undertaken by anyone but the most experienced N-Scale Installers.

First remove the shell by gently spreading it at the fuel tank and lifting it off.

Remove the two screws from the frame, remove the trucks, and lift out the drive train as shown below.

Next remove the motor from the frame and clip the motor tabs as demonstrated below.

Now wrap the bottom of the chassis where the motor contacts the the frame with kapton tape.

Next clip and tin the gray motor lead and attach it to the motor tab.

Next we will remove the top tab that connect the chassis to the motor. The image below highlights this section of the frame.

Use a sander or a file to remove this nub so your frame resembles the one below.

Clip, strip, and tin the orange wire and attach it to the top of the motor and remount the motor in the frame.

Now you can reattach the two sides of the frame, replace the drive train and the trucks.

To attach the track leads you will need to file a small furrow in the section of the frame highlighted below (note: this must be done on both sides of the frame).

After you have filed out a notch, tin the phosphor bronze bus bars as shown below.

Clip, strip, tin, and solder the red and black wires to each side of the frame.

Finally attach a 1K resistor in series with the white wire and connected a 0603 surface mount LED to the blue and white wire as shown below.

NOTE: These suface mount LED's can be purchased in several colors through our shopping cart.

Tucking the LED into the frame facing forward, wrap the installation in a bit of electrical tape to block light from entering the cab of the locomotive.

You can now replace the shell and run your locomotive! Congratulations on performing a challenging installation.

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