This installation shows the TCS M1 installed. We now recommend the K1D4 for this locomotive. The K1D4 is a simple board replacement.

This installation is for N Scale Kato SD70 uses TCS M1 Decoder and was performed by William Hubbard of Hydes Maryland.

The original light board is used in this installation.  With a few trace cuts in the right locations the M1 decoder can be wired into the light board. It makes a clean and fairly easy installation. The following five pictures show where to cut the traces and where to connect the wires from the M1 decoder.

This picture shows completed M1 decoder installation.  Notice decoder is held in place with a double sided sticky tape.


This picture shows the light board in the frame.  The light board must be removed from the frame to prepare it for decoder installation.


This picture shows light board removed and traces cut at five places. Carefully cut the traces with a blade or Dremel tool with cut off disc. At this time remove the front LED and bend the legs in the opposite direction and re attach the LED by soldering the leg that goes to the 561ohm resister. If this is not done the forward light will not work because the polarity will not be correct for the LED.



 Reinstall the light board in the frame. Using a meter, test and make sure that the only point of continuity is between the two motor tabs. Check between track power traces and the motor tabs, this should be open circuit (no continuity).

Connect the wires as shown in the photos and installation is complete.


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