This installation is for a N Scale Kato 4-6-2 Pacific Kitbash using a TCS WOW101-Steam decoder and was performed by Daniel Thomson.

Decoder install documented by TCS.

Note: This installation features an engine that has been kitbashed from a few different manufacturers parts.

Main kitbashed parts include: shell from a MiniTrix K-4 Pacific, drive mechanism from a Kato C-57 4-8-2, and tender from a Life-Like 2-6-6-2.

Above is a picture of the unit completely assembled.

Above picture shows the tender to locomotive harness for the motor and pick-ups.

The above picture shows the 15x25mm speaker and enclosure underneath the coal load.

The above picture shows the overall layout of the components with in the tender.

You have now installed a TCS WOW101-Steam decoder into your N-Scale Kato 4-6-2 Pacific Kitbash.

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