This installation of the TCS K4D6 Decoder is for N-Scale Kato MP36PH and was performed by TCS


First remove the shell by lifting it from front to back.

Next, using tweezers carefully remove the motor clips and save them for use with the decoder. Lift the long narrow section of the lighting board as shown below and slip it towards the front of the locomotive. This allows the small, rear portion of the board pass over a small lip in the frame that holds the light board in place.

With the lighting board slipped back (as shown below) it can be lifted from the frame.

Now, slip the K4D6 into the frame just as the original lighting board was. Mount the motor clips on the K4D6 just as they were on the lighting board.

Your locomotive should now look like the image below.

If you are not installing the K4-LK rear lighting kit you can now replace the shell and run your locomotive.

If you are using the K4-LK, solder the wires coming off the lighting board to the rear of the K4D6 as shown in the image below. Follow the wiring diagram on the K4-LK literature to ensure proper wire placement.

Slide the K4-LK into the shell and an mount it as shown in the image below. NOTE: the K4-LK is friction fit (no glue is required to hold it in place) and must be held at a steep angle to clear the red light tube prior to tipping it into a vertical orientation. If you find that the red light tube is slipping out of the shell a drop of glue can be used to hold it in place. If you do glue the light tube be sure to avoid getting glue on the end of the tube to to ensure the light from the LED passes through it optimally.

You can now replace the shell and run your locomotive with an operational rear light and beacon.

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