This installation is for N Scale Fox Valley Models Hiawatha Class 4-4-2 uses the TCS MC2P-1"R Decoder and was performed by TCS

This locomotive could also accept an M1P-1"R and a Z2P-1"R

The primary challenge with this installation is removing the shell from the tender. You must proceed with care due to the numerous delicate details on this locomotive.

First, remove the tender from the locomotive by unplugging the connector and removing the screw highlighted below. NOTE: there is a spring beneath the screw so be careful not to lose it.

There are two grab bars on the back of the tender that must be loosened from the bottom prior to removing the shell.

The grab bars (highlighted above in blue) should only be freed from the bottom.

The next two images show where the shell separates from the rest of the tender. Note that the areas highlighted in red lift up with the shell and the areas highlighted in blue remain attached to the frame.

Next, you must spread the sides of the shell and lift it up and off the chassis. There are four plastic clips holding the shell on and the image below roughly demonstrates where they are (they are positioned the same on both sides of the tender).

Once the shell is removed from your tender you can remove the dummy plug (highlighted below) from the lighting board.

Note that pin 1 is located in the bottom right corner of the plug above.

Next, insert the MC2P-1"R as shown in the image below.

You can now replace the shell, reattach the grab bars, and reconnect the tender to the locomotive. You are ready to run!

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