This installation is for a N Scale Kato FEF 4-8-4 using a TCS K6D4 Decoder and was performed by TCS.

N-Scale Kato FEF 4-8-4 prior to K6D4 decoder installation.

N-Scale Kato FEF 4-8-4 prior to K6D4 decoder installation.

In order to protect the highly detailed components on the this locomotive druring the decoder install, we need to first remove the smoke deflectors.

Do this by carefully pulling them out and away from the locomotive.

Above is the locomotive with the smoke deflectors removed.

Next, we need to remove the locomotives cab roof. This is easily done by pressing down on the overhang and lifting it off.

With the roof removed, we next need to lift out the cab window glazing.

With the window glazing removed, we now have access to the screw in the cab that secures the shell to the chassis. Remove this screw and save it for re-assembly later on.

Next, carefully hold onto the drivers with one hand and remove the locomotives shell. The rear of the shell must be pulled up first.

The above picture shows the factory light board, motor lead clip bracket and clips.

In order to remove the factory light board, we must first dettach the motor lead clip bracket and clips.

Remove the bracket using a flathead screwdriver or tweezers.

Next, we need to remove the clips. Do this by using a flat head screwdriver or tweezers to pull the clips outward and away from the factory light board.

Make sure to be careful not to bend the clips too much as they are made of very thin copper.

With the motor lead clips removed, we now can remove the factory light board. The board is easily removed by sliding it out towards the rear(right in picture above) of the locomotive.

Next, install your K6D4 decoder by sliding in back into the chassis pick-up contacts.

Next, reattach your motor lead clips and clip holder bracket. Finally, reassemble the locomotive in the reverse process of the dissassembly at the beginning of this install.

You have now installed a TCS K6D4 decoder into your N-Scale Kato FEF 4-8-4.

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