This installation shows a Kato N-Scale F40PH Operation North Pole with a TCS K5D7 decoder installed.

First, remove the shell by gently spreading it at the front left and rear right corner and then carefully lifting it off the frame.

Next remove the central clip (marked in blue in the image above), and bend up the two motor tabs found beneath it.

Slide the lighting board forward in the frame to release it from the small plastic clip highlighted in blue above and then lift the lighting board out of the frame.

Remove the front and rear plastic clips that are over the trucks.

Remove the two long bus bars from the left and right side of the locomotive.

Wrap them with kapton tape where the motor tabs will fold over them. This step is crucial, and without the tape you will burn up your decoder.

Re-insert the bars back into the gray, plastic, holder, and replace the front and rear clips.

Due to the advanced lighting features of this locomotive, the K5D7 decoder doesn't quite fit between the light tube housing as seen below.

To achieve a comfortable fit we filed the down the left and right side of the front of the K5D7 to slightly narrow the decoder and provide room for the light tube housing.

Before Filing Pictured Above

After Filing Pictured Above

After filing the decoder test fit it in the front of the shell to make sure it fits freely between the light tube covers.

Now that we are confident the decoder will fit we can place it on the frame and and slide it back on that small hooked clip.

To insure good motor contact and consistent track pick up I pin the motor leads down to the pads on the decoder with the tip of an X-acto knife and solder the tabs in place.

You can replace the center plastic clip (as shown below), but with the motor tabs soldered in place it is totally optional.

With the K5D7 mounted and soldered in place you can now replace the shell and your F40PH is ready to run!

NOTE: To setup your red marker lights for automatic operation program the following CV values:
CV 35 = 2
CV 51 = 16

NOTE: If your red marker lights remain on in both directions try moving the decoder forward in the locomtive as this is typically caused by light bleeding through from the headlight LED.

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