N Scale Kato EMD SD70M uses TCS K1D4-NC Decoder performed by A.G.

This pictures above show the Kato EMD SD70M with the shell on. TCS K1D4-NC digital decoder will be installed.


Remove the shell starting from the cabin side and work the way up.


This is a picture of the frame with the shell removed and the original lighting board installed.


Slide the original light board to the left and lift it up.


Gently, remove the copper clips from the original light board and make sure you do not bend their ends as they will be used in the next step of our installation.


After removing the original lighting board, apply Kapton tape to the area of the frame between the motor tabs so that the frame is isolated from the motor clips on the decoder.


Place the decoder board in the frame and gently push it all the way to the right so that the decoder firmly sits in the chassis. Do not bend the board as it could damage the inner-layers of the board.


Gently, insert the copper motor pick up tabs as shown in the picture above. Line up the tabs from the motor with the motor clips that are on the decoder.


This is a picture of the fully installed K1D4-NC. This is an easy drop-in installation.



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