This is installation of the 8 function TCS K0D8-C digital decoder for N Scale Kato EMD F40PH performed by A.G.

The TCS1/4" Kapton tape used in this installation is not supplied with the decoder and needs to be purchased separatly at your local TCS dealer or directly from us.

The three pictures above show the beautiful Kato EMD F40PH engine prior to the TCS K0D8-C decoder installation.


Gently, remove the shell from the chassis as shown above.


Here is a picture of the locomotive chassis after the shell removal where you can see the original light board.


The gray plastic clip (marked in red) holds the original light board and motor tabs in place.


Gently, remove the plastic gray clip by pulling it up.


Gently, spread two (marked in red) motor tabs. Be very careful not to break them!!!!


Remove the original light board.


There are two plastic (gray) covers - one of each end of the locomotive, that need to be taken off in order to remove the power pick-up rails.Gently spread (mark in red) ends of the plastic cover and remove it by gently pulling it up.


Gently, remove the power pick-up copper rails as shown in the picture above. Be very careful not to bend these rails because they are very delicate and can easily break.

Use a small piece of Kapton tape around the track power pick-up rail (marked in red) so that it is isolated from the motor tab. This is a very important step of the installation and ignoring it might damage the decoder!!!!!


The picture above shows properly done isolation of both motor tabs.


Gently, place the TCS decoder on the chassis as shown in the picture above. Make sure you place the decoder so that both motor tabs are fully alligned with the decoder square copper pads.


Make sure all those parts (marked in the picture above) are properly alligned.


Very gently, push motor pick-up tabs down so that they touch the copper pads of the decoder. Be very careful not to break the delicate copper tabs.


Insert the gray plastic clip that was removed on the beginning of this installation. The clip holds motor pick-up tabs down so that the electrical connection is possible.

If for any reason there is a problem with the connection we suggest using small amount of solder to connect the motor tabs with the decoder (see picture below). Tint the copper pads with a little amount of solder and than solder motor tabs to the decoder.

Here is the picture of finished installation of TCS K0D8-C decoder. When run at speed step one you can see outstanding slow speed performance of this 8 function TCS decoder that is equipped with Back EMF.

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