This installation is for N Scale Kato EMD SDP40F uses the TCS K7D4 Decoder and was performed by TCS

First, remove the bottom side of the grab iron, highlighted below, from the locomotive shell.

Next, rotate the grab iron towards the back of the locomotive so that it is out of the way when removing the shell.

Now you can spread the shell at the 2 points identified below and wobble it back and forth until it lifts off.


Lift the original lighting boards rear "neck" with a screw driver and slide the entire lighting board towards the front of the locomotive.

The lighting board should now lift right out of the frame.

Carefully remove the black plastic clip and both motor clips from the original lighting board.

Mount the motor tabs and black plastic clip on the K7D4 just like the original lighting board.

Slide the K7D4 into the frame and then lift the rear neck to allow the rear tabs to slide into the frame

You can now replace the shell and reattach the grab iron. You're Kato SDP40F is now ready to run!

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