This installation is for the N Scale Kato E5 uses a TCS K0D8-E decoder and was performed by TCS

Gently remove the shell by lifting from the front to the back and slipping it off the frame.

Note: the following motor isolation images are from a previous installation which utilizes the same frame.

The gray plastic clip (marked in red) holds the original light board and motor tabs in place.Gently, remove the plastic gray clip by pulling it up.


Gently, spread two (marked in red) motor tabs. Be very careful not to break them!!!!


Remove the original light board.


Gently, remove the power pick-up copper rails as shown in the picture above. Be very careful not to bend these rails because they are very delicate and can easily break.


Here is a picture of TCS 1/4" Kapton tape that is used accross this installation. Kapton is not supplied with the decoder and needs to be purchased separately at your local TCS dealer or directly from us.


Use a small piece of Kapton tape around the track power pick-up rail (marked in red) so that it is isolated from the motor tab. Repeat for the second bus bar. This is a very important step of the installation and ignoring it might damage the decoder!!!!!


The picture above shows both of the pickup bars properly isolated.

Finally, Slip the decoder back in where the original lighting board was.
Fold the motor tabs over the decoder and reattach the plastic clip to hold it all in place.

Your locomotive should now look like the image above. Replace the shell and your locomotive is now ready to run!

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