This installation is for a N Scale Kato C30-7 using a TCS K1D4 Decoder and was performed by TCS.

N-Scale Kato C30-7 prior to K1D4 decoder installation

Carefully lossen the railings from the locomotive cab noted with the red circles (total of four). Remove the shell of the locomotive, leaving the walkway platform.

With the main shell removed, next remove the motor clips from the factory light board, noted with green squares. These are easily removed using tweezers.

Next, remove the walkway platform carefully avoiding the motor contacts.

In our install, we had to loosen the screws on either end of the locomotive to remove the factory light board and install the K1D4.

This does not always need to be done and should be avoided provided the chassis does not have the tabs highlighted with the green rectangle .


Next, loosen the screws on either end of the locomotive chassis highlighted with red circles. (Note: these do not need to be removed completely to fit the K1D4)

Carefully seperate the chassis slightly, allowing for the factory light board to slide out towards the rear (left) of the locomotive chassis.

Be sure to apply an insulator (here we used Kapton tape, but eletrical tape would work as well) over the frame to prevent the motor tabs from shorting on the frame.

With the frame loose and the factory light board removed, slide the TCS K1D4 decoder under the frame contacts highlighted with red circles going from the rear (left) to the front (right) of the locomotive.

(Note: only the front (right) of the K1D4 has frame pick-up contacts. The rear circle (left) highlights securing the decoder to the locomotive chassis.)

Make sure both motor contacts rest under the K1D4's motor clips. With the K1D4 in place, tighten the two screws if loosened earlier.

Finally, re-install the walkway platform and main shell onto the locomotive being careful of the railings near the cab.


You have now installed a TCS K1D4 decoder into your N-Scale Kato C30-7.

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