This installation is for a N-Scale Kato ACS-64 using a TCS K7D4. This install was performed by TCS.

Item used in this installation


N-Scale Kato ACS-64 prior to TCS K7D4 decoder installation.

N-Scale Kato ACS-64 prior to TCS K7D4 decoder installation.

To start off this install, we must first remove the shell from the chassis. There are four tabs (two on each side of the chassis that secure the shell.

To remove the shell, carefully pull the shell away from the chassis at the four tab locations noted with red rectangles in the above image. The tabs are located around the locomtoives cab doors.

Once the shell is lifted slightly above these tab points, the shell will easily come off.

With the shell off, we can now remove the factory light board. First, we need to remove the black securing clip over the motor tabs.

Once removed, carefully lift the factory light board up slighting over the securing tabs highlighted in the red rectangle.

With the factory light board slightly lifted up, slide it towards the front (left in image above) to remove it from underneath the pickup contacts highlighted with yellow squares.

The above image shows the locomotive with its factory light board removed.

Due to the incredibly tight spacing of the motor tabs between the frame it is necessary to take protective measures to avoid shorting the motor to the frame. In the steps below we apply Kapton tape to the frame to prevent shorting; you could also apply tape to the outside of the motor tabs for the same result (or you could tape the frame and the tabs for double protection!).

Next, remove the grey plastic "ladder" holding the frame together. It has four dimples which insert into the frame and can be easily removed by slightly spreading it.

With the plastic frame removed use a 2.5mm screwdriver to carefully spread the two sides of the frame. This will give you the room to install Kapton tape over the frame to protect the motor tabs.
Kapton tape MUST be applied to the frame as seen in the image below to be sure that the motor won't short to the frame. Repeat the taping process for both sides of the motor.

Now that the motor is safely isolated we can remove the screwdriver, squeeze the frame back together, and replace the plastic frame.

The red arrows above identify to the two sides of the frame where Kapton tape MUST be applied to avoid shorting the motor to the frame.

We can now install the TCS K7D4 decoder.

This is easily done in the reverse order that was just completeted to remove the factory light board.

With the decoder installed, motor tabs in place, and the securing clip over the motor tabs, the shell can now be placed back onto the model.

You have now installed a TCS K7D4 deocder into your N-Scale Kato ACS-64.

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