This installation is for the N Scale Intermountain FT-B uses the TCS IMFTB4 and was performed by A.G.



The two upper pictures show the Intermountain FT-B with its shell on prior to the TCS IMFTB4 decoder installation.


Here is a picture of the chassis with its shell removed where you can see the original Intermountain light board.


Using a Phillips screw driver remove two screws (marked in red) that hold the board and chassis together. Those two screws supply the track power to the board. Note: if you find that the lighting board is attached to wires going to the motor skip to the end of this installation for information on installing your decoder.


Remove the original light board as shown in the picture above.




Install the TCS IMTB4 decoder as shown above. Make sure the two power supplying screws are tight and fitted well so that they can supply the power to the board.

Lighting board attached to wires running to the motor?

If you find your lighting board is soldered to wires leading to the motor as shown in the image below (FTB)

Desolder the feet from your decoder (IMFTA4 or IMFTB4)

And solder the wires from the motor to the holes where the feet were previously.

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