N-Scale Intermountain FP9(A) with the TCS IMFP4 decoder installed - Performed by J.M.

First remove the front coupler by removing the screw highlighted in the image below and sliding the coupler out of the shell.

Next, rock the shell back and forth until it slips off of the locomotive. Your chassis and lighting board should look like the image below.

Desolder the yellow and green wires from the lighting board. Be mindful of their positions because we must attach them to the IMFP4 in the same order to ensure the LED's polarity is correct.

Next remove the screws holding the lighting board in place and take out the lighting board. place the IMFP4 into the chassis just as the lighting board was and screw it in place. Solder the wires to the IMFP4 in the same order they were attached to the lighting board. Your installation should look like the image below.

Replace the shell on the locomotive and you are ready to run.

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