This installation is for the N Scale Intermountain F7A and uses the TCS IMF4-NF Decoder

-performed by TCS-

Be careful as you take off the shell because it is difficult to remove and can be broken easily.

Here is a picture of the chassis with its shell removed where you can see the original Intermountain light board.

Desolder both sets of wires (red and black, both front and back) from the original lighting board

Next, unscrew the two screws holding the lighting board in place and removed it from the the chassis.

Replace the lighting board with the IMF4-NF while taking care to make sure the motor wires come through the front two holes of the decoder. Screw the decoder in place, solder the motor connections to the second row of holes, solder the LED wires as show below, and you are ready to run!

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