Intermountain N-Scale F3A with a TCS IMF4 decoder installed - performed by J.M.

First remove the screw (highlighted below) which is holding the front coupler in place and slide the coupler out of the shell.

Once the coupler has been removed gently rock the shell back and forth until it lifts off of the chassis. You should now see the orinial lighting board as shown in the image below.

Desolder the wires from the original lighting board paying mind to their location on the board. It is crucial that these are attached to the IMF4 in the same orientation as they were on the original lighting board. Next remove the screws from the original lighting board, remove it from the chassis, and place the IMF4 into the chassis, oriented it the way the original lighting board was. Use the screws to attach the IMF4 in plce and solder the LED wires to the board. Remember to make sure that the wires are attachd to the IMF4 in the same order as they were on the original lighting board. Below you can see the the completed installation.

Finally, reattach the shell and you are ready to run your locomotive.

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