This installation is for N Scale Fleischmann 7324 Electric Locomotive Class 146 uses TCS EUN651P-30 digital decoder and was performed by A.G.

The three upper pictures show beautiful and very well made Fleischmann 7324 Class 146 Electric Locomotive prior to the TCS EUN651-30 Decoder Installation.


First remove the shell by squeezing it on either side of the plastic covers and gently rocking it back and forth until it slips off the frame. Here is a picture of locomotive's 6Pin NEM socket where the DCC decoder will be plugged. Pin#1 (Orange wire) is marked on the "dummy plug".


Here is the close-up of the "dummy plug" where the Pin#1 is marked.


Remove the "dummy plug" and insert the EUN651P-30 into the 6PIn socket. Make sure that the decoder wire orientation is exact with the one shown in the picture above (orange wire to the left)


We use 1/4" Kapton tape that was placed around the decoder to make sure it will not cause the short between the decoder and locomotive's chassis.

Put the shell back together and we are ready to run this engine.

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