Con Cor Aerotrain

 M1P-UK decoder installation


This a con cor areo train in which an M1P UK decoder was installed.

There is not much to this installation it is pretty basic. What you need to do is find the second car; the one that goes behind the locomotive.

The shell must be pulled off and you will find a small 8 pin NMRA dummy plug located under the board. This plug just makes simple connections for the train to operate in DC only but by removing it and plugging in one of our decoders it will run on DCC.

You must start first by removing the two wires clamped down on each corner of the factory board by the copper tabs. Once they are removed the board will lift off the pin as you see in the picture below. Once the board is popped up it will be able to swing side to side, this will give you access to the plug on the bottom of the board to be taken out.

Once taken out notice there are numbers for each pin that will be your guide as to which way you will need to plug our decoder into the NMRA socket. You want to make sure that the pin with orange wire attached to it is plugged into the same spot pin 1 was connected to in order that you may avoid damaging the decoder.

After the decoder is plugged in all that is left to do is tape the decoder down and run the wires out of the way like in the picture below

The final step is to put the shell back on the car and hook up the cars together to run the train.