This installation is for N-Scale Broadway Limited Imports EMD E8A, uses TCS M1P-SH decoder, and was performed by A.G.

The two upper pictures show the beautiful shell of the EMD E8A


Unscrew the Phillips screw (circled in red) that holds the coupler and the chassis together and remove the coupler.


Gently remove the locomotive's shell starting from the cabin end.This picture shows the locomotive's chassis with its shell taken off and the original light board.


Bravo for Broadway Limited!!!! The 8 pin NMRA socket is installed on the original light board which means many different decoders can be used. We picked TCS M1P-SH as it is one of the smallest decoders we offer and it fits perfectly underneath the shell. Remove the two "dummy plugs" that the locomotive comes with as shown in the picture above.


Here is the picture of the locomotive chassis with M1P-SH installed


Here is the close up of TCS M1P-SH decoder installation. Place the shell back, reattach the coupler and the engine is ready to go!

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