This installation is for N Scale Bachmann Spectrum 4-8-4 Class J uses TCS M1 Decoder and was performed by A.G.

The locomotive is shown as a courtesy of Jim Thomson, Canada.

The three pictures above show detailed chassis of the Bachmann Spectrum 4-8-4 Class J prior to TCS M1 Decoder installation.


The TCS M1 Decoder will be installed in the locomotive tender. Remove two phillips screw that are circled in red and gently lift the shell off of the chassis.


Gently, pull the shell straight up but be very careful not to damaged copper wires that connect tender with the locomotive. The picture above shows the original light board after the shell removal.


Using small flat head screw driver, remove two copper tabs so that the M1's wires can be soldered.


Solder the M1 decoder wires exactly as shown above.

Orange = Pin#1

Yellow = Pin#2

Black = Pin#4

Gray = Pin#5

White = Pin#6

Blue = Pin#7

Red = Pin#8


Remove the C3 and C1 capacitors that are affecting locomotive speed. More about the subject - Click HERE.



Here you can see the finished TCS M1 Decoder Installation and removed Capacitors. Place the shell back on the chassis and we are ready to go.

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