Bachmann Graham Farish
Class 66 (and class 57) Diesel


There is a potential problem with the motor lead shorting out and frying decoders on this engine. It is advised that if you do want to install this decoder you follow the installation guide put together by our helpful technician Nathan.

Before our repairs we made.  The motor lead is in contact with the frame.  There is some paint of some sort put on the frame as a precaution from the motor lead shorting out but unfortunately as the locomotive goes down the track and the motor moves some the lead rubs through the paint and shorts to the frame.  As a result, it is possible for this locomotive to run properly for some period of time and then to suddenly short out.  We suggest that you check your loco to see if it is touching the frame whether it works or not.

After re-aligning and adding kapton tape


In order to fix the problem I had to reflow the solder joint where the lead is connected to the circuit board and then I lined the lead up so that it wouldn't short out with the frame.  I also added kapton tape to the frame as an added precaution to keep things from shorting out.  If you are uncomfortable with trying to reflow the motor lead you could clip the lead off of the circuit board and run a wire from the board to the motor.  We don't recommend this, because even though it would be easier than reflowing the lead there is also risk of much more damage being done.  If you do choose to solder a wire in this manner, just be aware that if you get too much heat into the motor you could damage the motor and/or its casing.

Finished in record time!

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