This installation is for the Bachmann Plus F7-B using the TCS M1 Decoder. Performed by Tim (diezmon)Diez

Remove the shell, trucks, and motor. While you have things apart, clean any electrical contact areas. TCS M1 decoder will be installed.


The Frame must be milled a little to isolate the motor and make room for wires and tape. On the B-man F units the motor makes contact with the frame on the top and bottom, where the motor brushes are. Mill the frame away in those areas to make more room.


Apply electrical tape to the old motor contact area. Wire up the motor by connecting the motor leads to the upper and lower brush caps. Without the milling of the previous step, the frame halves will not fit back together.


Put the frame halves back together...


Now the fun part. There is no easy way to attach the decoder to track power. I simply drilled a hole in each frame half, and inserted the wires. A little solder was added to help conductivity, and to keep the wires in place.

Optional: One could tap the holes and use a screw to secure the wires.

No lighting was required for my unit, so simply tape down the remaining wires and you're done.



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