This installation uses TCS CN decoder and is for Atlas U30C locomotive. Submitted by Alexander Clark


Image showing the original boards with the body removed.

Dismantle the locomotive, marking the frame and parts for position and take notes for rebuilding later.


Ensure the motor is stored safely away from the frames when they are being modified. Holding the front or rear board in its approximate final position to check where to file the frame sides to generate clearance for the CN boards, do not cut into the dimple that retains the body to the frame, repeat for other board. Using a Dremel type tool cut a slot in the side of the frame, take care to not cut into the motor frame mounting holes and cut a notch in the top of the frame for the wires to the motor terminals.  Trim the motor tabs as per the TCS generic instructions. After all filing is complete ensure the frames are clean and free from filings and test fit motor for wiring clearance.



Solder the grey and orange wires to their respective motor terminals [these will be too long at present] place a piece of Kapton tape over the motor terminals as a guarantee for insulation, refit the motor into the frame routing the wires through the slot cut in the side and top of the frame checking that they do not get nipped or trapped, complete rebuilding the frame and bogies with the decoders in position. Cut to length the 3 wires to the rear board and solder them to the correct positions.

Using a multimeter check across both frame halves for any shorting across the frame halves.

Test the locomotive for direction and operation, if all is correct desolder the grey and orange wires from the front board and cut to length and resolder. If the locomotive runs in the wrong direction then reverse the grey and orange wires when resoldering to the board.

Retest the locomotive, fit the body and enjoy.


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