This installation is for N Scale Atlas SD-26 (2003 edition) and uses TCS AMD4 Decoder and was performed by A.G.

          These three pictures above show detailed Atlas SD-26 locomotive prior to the TCS AMD4 decoder installation.


Remove body shell and handrails by gently pulling up on the shell.  


Here is the picture of the Locomotive's chassis with its shell taken off and original light board installed.


Remove the Light cover and the fuel tank.


Loose the two Phillips screws that hold the two halves of the frame together and remove Locomotive's both trucks by gentle pull and twist to the side. Make sure the motor tabs are not touching the frame- isolate them with kapton or electrical tape.


Remove original light board that the locomotive came with and insert the AMD4 decoder. and make sure they ARE touching their proper spots on the underside of the decoder. Put both sides of the frame together and make sure that all four contacts of the decoder are fitted into the chassis so that they create physical/electrical contact. Install both trucks, power pick-up rails , and tighten the two phillips screws on the chassis. Place the shell back and test your locomotive on the track.

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