This Installation is for Atlas RS11 with Kato Frame (1986-1995) locomotive and it uses TCS CN-GP Decoder. It was submitted by Christian Ellens.


Picture of the locomotive with its shell on prior to the installation.


Disassemble the locomotive by first removing the cab, gently prying it away from the frame. You'll now see that the hood is held in place by small metal protrusions on each side where the cab was. Pry the hood away from these and it should slip off easily. Then the walkway can be removed. The existing light boards can be removed and discarded.


Remove the two screws that hold the two halves of the locomotive together. Temporarily insert the front end of a CN-GP decoder (the one with the wires attached) in place in order to measure the lengths of the motor (grey and orange) wires. The grey wire goes to the bottom of the motor. Cut the wires to length and solder them to the metal tabs that stick out on each side of the motor. Avoid soldering directly to the "buttons" on the top and bottom of the motor, as you risk melting and damaging the motor. After soldering the connections, wrap insulating tape around the motor to prevent any of the metal parts from touching the frame. Finally, replace the motor in the frame and re-assemble the two halves of the frame. Insert the back half of the decoder and measure the lengths of the yellow, blue, and black wires. Solder them to the appropriate tabs on the decoder.

In order to replace the hood, the front decoder will need to be inserted as far as it can go. However, note that there is a component on the bottom of the circuit board which will then be very close to the metal frame (see yellow arrow on photo). It is imperitive that this component NOT touch the frame, so place a piece of insulating tape on the frame at this point. It might even be necessary to file away a little of the frame. Test the installation on your programming track, and if all goes well, replace the walkways, the hood, and the cab.

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