Atlas N scale GP15
ASD4 decoder Installation

Atlas GP15 ASD4 Decoder installation

While this installation is very similar to other ASD4 and AMD4 installations, Atlas has chosen to attach copper clips to there lighting contact pads which will be vital to a good installation. These copper clips are an excellent choice for Atlas because they prevent slight differences in board thicknesses from affecting the quality of the installation, and prevent the board from bouncing loose.


Once the frame is split by unscrewing the two frame screws and the lighting board is freed (as shown above) one must remove the lighting board clips and prepare to attach them to the ASD4.

Attach the clips as shown above to the ASD4.


Lastly install the decoder excactly as the lighting board had been, reattach the sides of the frame, and place the shell back on. When you install the decoder be sure that there is adequate space between the motor tabs to prevent them from shorting out on each other, the pads, or the frame.

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