This installation is for N Scale Atlas Dash 8-40C and uses TCS AMD4 Decoder and was performed by A.G.


The upper three pictures show the Atlas Dash 8-40C with its shell on.


Gently remove the locomotive's shell starting from the rear side as shown in the picture above.


This picture shows the locomotive's chassis with its shell taken off and the original light board.


Using philips screw driver loosen the rear and front screws (circled in red) without removing them. Using the flat head screw driver spread the chassis far enough apart to remove the original light board. Remove the four copper clips that came with the original light board (be careful not to loose them as we are going to use them on out TCS decoder).


Reattach those four copper clips to TCS AMD4 decoder and place it in the frame so that two motor tabs (that are underneath of the decoder) are lined-up with motor pads of the decoder, and make sure there is a tight fit in all four connections. Tighten the front and the rear philips screw so that the chassis stays together.



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