This installation is for the N Scale Atlas C-630 and uses the TCS AMD4 Decoder with the TCS KA2 Keep-Alive device - performed by TCS

With the KA2 this installation will run for approximately 4 ft (1.22 m) without power!

NOTE: This installation uses a 2-Pin Connector which works well but we will be releasing an even smaller 2-Pin Micro Connector late in the Summer 2012 which would work excellently in this application.

The above picture demonstrates the completed installation with the AMD4 installed in the Atlas C-630 and the KA2 installed in the boxcar with a 2-Pin Connector connecting the two devices together.

First, remove the shell off the locomotive by lifting it from the front to the back. You should be presented with an original lighting board as seen below.

Next, loosen the screws identified above in yellow. Spread the two sides of the frame and lift out the original lighting board. Replace the lighting board with the AMD4 decoder.

Lace the motor tabs through the slots in the AMD4 and solder them in place as seen in the blue circles above. Next attach a piece of green magnet wire to the ground plane as shown in the top red circle above. Next solder a piece of red magnet wire to the 12v + as identified in the lower red circle above. Now, retighten the screws on the sides of the locomotive to lock the decoder in place.

Now connect the red and green magnet wires to a 2-Pin female connector. Mount the female 2 pin connector to the tail end of the locomotive as demonstrated above. We used an RTV glue and a small piece of scrap circuit board to help with the mounting, but any number of methods would work well.

Now, using a dremel tool, carefully mill out the rear end of the shell to expose the 2-Pin connector (see above).

Next remove the shell from the boxcar and place the KA2-C decoder within. We did not apply any glue or tape to mount the KA2, and while a small amount of tape may be used, allowing the KA2 to move freely will minimize tension between the locomotive and car and reduce the chances of a derailment.

Cut out a small section of the boxcar's shell so the harness can protrude out as demonstrated in the image below.

Finally, connect the harness from the boxcar to the 2-Pin connector in the locomotive (remember, the blue wire on the harness should connect to the pin tied to the red wire on the connector), couple the engine and car, and slide the excess wire into the boxcar. You are ready to run your N-Scale Atlas C-630 without worrying about the headaches of dirty track, or interrupted power.


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