Athearn EMD F45

 K1D4 decoder installation


Installation performed by TCS - D.D.S. and J.M.M. Date 4/6/2009

First remove the shell by carefully pinching it on either side and rocking it back and forth while pulling upwards on it.

Next press down on the lighting board and slide it towards the front of the locomotive. This may require a bit of force, but it will eventually slide. Once it has slid out of the frame tabs, grip it on either side of the motor housing and pull the lighting board from the locomotive.

Unfortunately, this locomotive has small tabs in the reverse end of the frame that will not allow the LED to slide forward into position. That means you will need to file down the two tabs highlighted in the picture below to the left which are found at the rear of the locomotive. When you are done filing it should be as smooth as the picture below to the right.

Before                                     After

Once the frame has been filed you can reverse the steps for removing the lighting board to slip the decoder in the frame. Remember to slide it toward the rear of the locomotive until all of the tabs make good contact


Replace the shell and your locomotive is ready to run!