The only correctly finished edge on the two boards pictured above is the top edge of the bottom board. Notice in the middle of that board there is a route and the board bumps out a little bit were it is scored. That is how all the boards were supposed to be finished along both long edges. The previous run of these boards were all scored and routed correctly. In this run of boards virtually none were done correctly. Some of the boards were not usable. Most of them were usable but needed work to make them functional. In the future I really can not afford to accept any boards with such issues. Too much extra work is involved in sanding and cleaning these boards. Even after the sanding and cleaning the boards have a damaged look to them which is not satisfactory to my customers.

Photo above shows how the scoring cut through the boards along the one edge. The top board is not as bad, though even it is not correct. The bumped out portions that are supposed to be there were scored off. See the top edge of the bottom board of the first photo for reference of what they should look like.

The fourth board from the left is how they should look regarding scoring on the ends. Notice the scoring is different on all of them. We have had to sand them on a belt sander after they are de-panelized to meet the required spec. They then have to be cleaned because of the dust which adheres to them from the sanding process. Also notice the edges in the middle of the boards, they are also all different. We have to file those edges on most of the boards because of the the incorrect scoring there. None of the boards pictured above were sanded or filed by us yet. This is after only de-panelizing.

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